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Philip Shapiro, M.D.

Love is the Great Healer
and the
Great Pain Manager


Dear Friends

I am a psychiatrist with a fifty-year career as a clinician, teacher, and administrator in community mental health. The people I serve struggle with major mental illness, addiction, medical problems, homelessness, poverty, unemployment, broken families, lack of social support, and legal problems. I find their stories heartful, heroic, colorful, and creative.

I am also a spiritual seeker and student with an interest in mind-body-spirit healing. I have studied with the saints, sages, gurus, teachers, and masters of the great faith traditions, searching their models with a fine toothcomb, looking for elements that strengthen our ability to heal.

From my training and experience in medicine, psychiatry, and spirituality, I created Healing Power, a self-help, self-healing model I use myself and teach healthcare professionals, consumers, students, or any interested person. It is my contribution to the field of mind-body-spirit medicine.

Healing Power is a collection of spiritual principles, methods, qualities, and wisdom pearls we can use in healthcare to skillfully manage the pain the medical model cannot fix. The model offers a host of techniques and tools designed to help healthcare professionals and consumers transform physical, mental, emotional, interpersonal, and spiritual suffering into peace, strength, and wisdom.

How you manage your pain will determine whether you move forward, backward, or stay stuck in this life. By studying this model and putting its exercises into practice, you will learn what to do and what not to do to manage your pain more skillfully.

But this is more than just a pain management model. Throughout this work, you will learn about the intimate relationship between pain and love and the profound influence this relationship has on the healing process.

Healing Power is based on the following
key principles:

Life is school.
Pain is the teacher if we open to the lessons.
The lessons always have to do with the cultivation of healing qualities adding up to love.
Love is the Great Healer and the Great Pain Manager.
It is more powerful than any painful problem.

When I was a young man, I did not know how to put these principles to work for myself let alone teach other people. But many painful tests forced me to dig deep into healing technologies to see what works. Healing Power was forged on the anvil of suffering. A smooth life would never have sufficed to create such a work. Healing Power is my answer to the blows wrought by brutal reality, developed after years of study and contemplation. It is a grand scheme about the transformation of suffering into love and wisdom.

The best part about being a psychiatrist is having time to listen and intervene in a patient’s story. I watch and listen for the pain story and the healing story. Much of the time, I hear only the pain story and realize the individual has no healing story. This then becomes my job: teaching people how to move past their pain story to a healing story. Healing Power teaches people how to do this for themselves.

In my case, there was a considerable amount of bounce and chaos on the way to a healing story. But in going through all of this, I discovered a powerful vehicle for change: the universal healing wheel or pain–method–quality (PMQ).

Healing Power
Learn how to skillfully manage
any pain or problem

is any painful problem: physical, mental, emotional, interpersonal, or spiritual.

is any one or combination of fifteen methods.

is any one of combination of one hundred healing qualities adding up to love.

To evolve, all you have to do is find a problem, practice a method, and cultivate a quality. This is called rolling the universal healing wheel. When we roll the wheel, we implement the principle that life is school and pain is the teacher and stimulant for the growth of healing qualities adding up to love.

The supreme goal is responding to painful problems with unconditional love expressed as patience, peace, poise, compassion, understanding, forgiveness, and associated healing qualities. To do this, we need to practice the recommended methods until they become our new mental habits locked in brain grooves so powerful that ultimately this is all we can do. If we do this work, the virtues of the great saints and sages will slowly add on to us: peace and strength, compassion and courage, wisdom and love expressed in gentle, humble service to all of humanity.

The universal healing wheel is loaded with power. The longer you study this and if you practice, you will see there is no limit to its potential for healing, pain management, and spiritual evolution. You will feel better, become a better person, and you may experience higher states of consciousness: the peace that surpasses understanding, pure unconditional love, unfathomable stillness, bliss, nirvana, or God. It doesn’t matter what you call it. The experience is gorgeous.

About Us

Healing Power

Healing Power is a call to healthcare professionals to engage in self-healing for personal, professional, and spiritual growth. Without this critical necessity, there is a much greater chance of physical, mental, emotional, interpersonal, and spiritual problems which inevitably lead to cynicism and burnout. An epidemic of burnout currently exists in our healthcare community. We need to address this epidemic with corresponding healing interventions.
Dr. Phil Shapiro

Free Books

You are invited to download the five books and workbooks that comprise Healing Power at no cost.

If you find Healing Power is a good fit and want to go deeper, you are invited to download the five books and workbooks that comprise Healing Power at no cost. The books are:

Healing Power: Ten Steps to Pain Management and Spiritual Evolution Revised (2010)

Healing Power:
The Workbook (2015)

Healing Power:
One Hundred Days of Love (2019)

Healing Power:
The Methods

Healing Power:
Physician, Heal Thyself (2018)



Both medicine and the world’s great religious traditions aim to alleviate human suffering. What Dr. Shapiro has done is distill the underlying spiritual principles and techniques of these traditions and demonstrate how we can use this wisdom to treat life’s most painful difficulties.

Phil Bolton, MD

This work is a masterpiece and a must read for anyone wishing to transcend their suffering. It’s all here–the reasons we suffer, and more importantly, the way out. This is a tried and true life changing work. Beautifully presented, Dr. Shapiro shares his wisdom, experience, and the tools necessary to liberate ourselves from suffering and live our lives in freedom.

Corbett Monica

Founder Dual Diagnosis Anonymous

Ger Started

Download the books and suggested curricula at no cost